Saturday, June 6, 2009

Retribution: I guess I'll jump in with them there opinions

Now that's what I'm talking about.

I've been reading alot of peoples' opinions about the Retribution (in order, that's GS, LS, and LH). I've been on the fence about how I feel.

I agree with Jen of Ghettokore Studios about how they fit into the universe: the Retribution springs from the minds who have delivered us years of rock-solid Immoren content. I grant that there are instances where creators screw up their own universe (GEORGE LUCAS, seriously, just let BioWare handle Star Wars from here on out, ok?), but I have faith in Privateer Press. I mean, I think that Ironclads fighting trolls looks weird, but hey, it actually works. Once we start seeing dirty Myrmidon, and artwork of Myrmidons locked in life-and-death struggles with human 'jacks, I think the Retribution will seem more "realistic."

A few other points that others have made, or at least alluded to, and that I agree with are: the models we've seen are just a fraction of the total army; that plastic models rock; and that it's actually a good thing that not everyone likes the Retribution, because it would be boring if everyone started playing the new army.

Granted, there are really valid points made by dissenters. For starters, the models are really smooth! For me, that's a little annoying: I'm enjoying painting my Cygnar army because the model construction, in collaboration with the details, lets me paint with some really nice metallics. One of the reasons I'm turned off to the Retribution is because their sleek builds are more akin to my Tau army, in terms of the painting style necessary. I can't paint my futuristic, plastine skimmers with metal colors, and it looks like it'll be hard to do that with the Retribution (those power lines excepted).

And, well, the Retribution's style is really different from the armies that are out there. And honestly, some of these elves look really odd - I look at Narn, and and that bald Invictor (sorry, LH, for the pic steal!), and I think... Remans. Just me, I know, but... still!

Anyways, that gets me to today: damn, dudes, that Houseguard Rifleman concept art is sweet. It's a combination of Long Gunner and Trencher - what's not to love?!

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