Wednesday, June 3, 2009

That Blighted Feeling

So I've not even finished assembling and painting - much less playing! - my small Cygnar force, but I (foolishly) have an eye pointed toward Hordes. The whole "big monsters" thing isn't really the first thing to float my boat, but it has a certain charm all its own.

That said, I've got a question for those of my readers who do play Hordes: why is it that people seem to dislike the Legion of Everblight? Is that a wrong impression?


  1. Legion don't play by the rules. They see you through terrain, they fly over defensive walls and out of melee, yadda yadda yadda. As a general rule, you simply cannot play your normal game against them.

  2. flying.

    I can deal with eyeless sight cause cygnar doesnot have that many stuff that would be effected. The thing is flying makes models like angelius and seraph really dangerous. It's not possible to slow them down in melee. Each turn angelius comes closer.....

  3. Alright, thanks guys for the awesome responses. That helps put things in perspective for me.